"Try Something Different: Try Feeling GOOD "

Diets Don't Work. Stop being a prisoner to them and the scale. Try Something Different that does work: Eat to live. Exercise to Thrive. Start feasting on life. Get lasting results you see and feel beyond the scale.

Before Our Your Best Fit Journeys & How We Feel Now: GOOD 



Kim’s After

    • Total Lost: 125 Pounds
    • Total Gained: New lease on life! Control! Overweight much of my life (and almost always struggling to lose the weight), I don’t just look better than I did when I was younger, I feel better. I am active and healthy. My weight-related health issues are gone (including dozens of allergies I somehow “gained” while “losing” weight on one of the many diets that I tried). Losing the diets has meant gaining control. It’s incredibly freeing!

Darcy’s After

    • Total Lost: Flab & 2 Clothing Sizes
    • Total Gained: Muscle tone & Energy! Freedom! 
      Always small, I maintained my weight by eating unhealthy food and skipping meals or drinking diet shakes. I never exercised. Time, poor habits, and two pregnancies took my small but soft shape to shapeless. Today, I look and feel better than I ever did in my 20’s or 30’s. Being healthy and fit translates into so much more than smaller jeans. It means living all areas of my life better (and weight scale free).

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