Do you know Einstein’s definition of insanity?
Doing the same thing over and over… and expecting different results.


We know it isn’t easy …

…to lose (or maintain) weight or get (or stay) in shape. In today’s world, we’re often over-worked, over-committed, and over-stressed. We eat for convenience, entertainment, social engagement and comfort. We relax and unwind by engaging in comforting, but often sedentary, activities like watching TV, going on the computer, or reading. After taking care of “business,” we lack the time or energy to take care of us.

The result?

Weight we want (or need) to lose, fitness we want (or need) to gain, and a desire to feel, look and live better.

So what do we do?

We start another diet that may (or may not) work in the short-term but can’t be sustained in the long run.

Does this sound familiar?

It is familiar to us. Kim battled her weight since age 10, trying most diets ever created, losing and re-gaining hundreds of pounds, and compromising her health in the process. Darcy fought flab, poor fitness, and a keen dislike of exercise and eating right. The problem is that Diets Don’t Work

The Your Best Fit Formula DOES. Today Kim is 125 pounds lighter and healthy. Darcy is a fitness professional who craves salads and exercise. Both are Diet-FREE and feel GOOD

The Your Best Fit Formula

Doing What Feels Good vs. Die-t-ing: Anti-Diet because diets don’t work. Doing what feels good does.

Baby Steps of Positive Change = BIG Results: Steps that nourish all of you and fit YOU (not one-size-fits-all).

A Journey, Not a Race:  This is a life-enhancing Journey (not a race you keep re-entering) 

Three Steps Forward + 2 Steps Backward = Progress:  When we learn, we transform. When we aim for perfection, we fail.

Exceptions = Normal Life: Exceptions (holidays, vacations, Superbowl parties, etc.) are part of normal life. This isn’t about avoiding life. It’s about living it.  

What to Expect

Something different: Your Best Fit will help you achieve your feel-good goals in an empowering, healthy, life-enhancing way that you can – and will want to – maintain for life.

Something more: Your Best Fit is a journey that continues throughout your life, a new way of living and thriving. Not something you go “on” and “off” of. 

Something special: Your Best Fit means becoming a member of the Your Best Fit community, a source of ongoing support and information. Beyond the length of our programs. 

Something better: Your Best Fit means feeling better. Looking better. Living better. Feeling GOOD.

What Not to Expect

Your Best Fit is not a quick fix. It is NOT A DIET. It is not a fad.

It is not about deprivation. It is not about feeling starved, bored or without energy.

It is not about compromising your health or your common sense.

It is not about losing weight so fast you look like a deflated balloon.  

It is not about continuing the insanity of repeating what doesn’t work.

It is not about settling for less when you can achieve something more.

We are committed to helping you feel GOOD.