“Who needs a therapist when you have a sister?”

We are sisters born and raised in the Midwest. Kim is still there, and Darcy is pretty much everywhere else outside the US. No matter how far apart the places we call “home,” we’ve always been, and remain, close.

Combined we have two husbands, three sons, two dogs, and one cat. In addition to being wives and child / pet trainers, we are a finance manager, a personal trainer, a weight spokeswoman, educators, and students.*

We are also only too familiar with the ups and downs (literally!) of diets and fitness fads. We have sacrificed common sense and even our health to both, only to fail over and over again. While our experiences with weight are different, our solution to achieving weight loss and fitness in a healthy, positive, empowering and permanent way is not. We have shown others how to achieve their Best Fit, and we would be honored to show you, too.

Our goal in life is to never stop learning and growing. That goal – and our respective lifelong battles with weight and fitness – have led us here, to Your Best Fit.

We want to help others get off the merry-go-round of dieting by sharing what we have experienced and learned, so that they, too, can achieve their weight and fitness goals in a sane, gradual, and sustainable way. We want others to feel and look as great as they deserve…life is simply too short to spend it in a never-ending cycle of “die”-ting!

We believe the saying about life being not about the destination but, rather, the journey. We hope that Your Best Fit will help make others’ life journeys even better, just like it has ours.

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Personal Coaching with Darcy is now available. Go to DarcyHolmer.com to learn more.

– Darcy & Kim

* Darcy Holmer is a health, life and money coach and finance professional who is passionate about supporting positive change. (She is also a former chocolate chip cookie dough addict who hated exercise and healthy eating.) She is also passionate about her family of 4: Swedish husband; two sons; and 125-pound Black Russian Terrier, Zoya. Go here to learn more.  

Kim Smith is an educator at the middle school level and has taught for over 23 years. Throughout her career she has presented with passion teaching techniques and lessons that help get others motivated and embracing the vision of being a life-long learner. Kim is a proud parent of a son who has Cystic Fibrosis. Through this experience she has studied and embodied the factors that we can control to promote physical and mental health. With 30 plus years of personally experiencing “yo-yo dieting” and obesity, she experimented and journaled her way to a 125-pound loss, fitness, and health: her Best Fit. In her quest to continue teaching what she is passionate about and helping others, she has collaborated to bring others health, well-being and Your Best Fit.