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What our Your Best Fit grads are saying:

“I feel so good today…I feel the future is bright…I’m on the right track for reaching my goal before the end of school…Thank you thank you.”

“We spend all of our lives in pursuit of that magic pill/powder/shake/whatever. YBF helps me realize, little by little, that I already have the only magic solution I need. It’s me.”

“It was the first time in my life I could run…after 5 weeks of doing baby steps…Thank you very much for showing me the way.”

“I have read book after book about health, personal improvement, weight loss, etc. This time it was less like someone talking at me, and more like having a conversation. The format of the lessons made it feel like you were talking to me rather than at me. You were advising rather than lecturing me.”

“The positive changes I’ve made so far make me feel so good that I want to continue doing it. I am proud of myself already for the achievements.”

“I just want to say once again how much I appreciate you both and all of the love and effort you’ve put into creating this beautiful course for other women, sharing your knowledge and experience so generously. I particularly loved hearing your personal stories and felt really inspired by reading about your challenges and triumphs. It was incredibly empowering to think that if the two of you can do it, I can, too!”

“The course went beyond my expectations.”