Lose the diets and regain charge…of your weight, your fitness, and your life.


Our 6-Week eCourse to Feeling GOOD

Join us on a 6-week journey filled with motivational messages, insightful information, thought-provoking activities, and practical guides to positive change to help you achieve Your Best Fit in a way you can – and will want to – maintain for life. Start feeling GOOD…one step at a time.

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About Our 6-Week eCourse

Start doing Different and start your own Your Best Fit journey with our 6-week eCourse.
Lessons will be emailed to you Monday-Sunday and posted on our password-protected website, along with other resources to support your journey:

Daily Lessons: Based on our own successful journeys, each week’s theme and day’s lesson will guide, inform, and inspire you, while Our Baby Steps will lead you to positive changes that you will feel, see and build upon.

Private Website: Our course website gives you a wealth of resources to support your life-changing journey. Whether at home or on the go, access the lessons and motivation from computer or smart device, in audio or written format.

Ongoing Support & Accountability: During and after the course, Our Your Best Fit private community will continue to be a source of support and information to help you build upon your successes of the first six weeks. The Weekly Check-ins will give you the accountability you need to get and stay on track.


Other Information

Monday – Sunday Schedule: Every Monday you will be introduced to the week’s theme and “Mindful Mission.” Tuesday-Sunday we share with you our own experiences, tips, tricks, insights, and information on food and exercise.

Friday “Check-Ins”: Optional but highly recommended, they provide the accountability many of us need, in a supportive online environment. You choose your benchmark for “check-in,” whether weight or another goal.

Go At Your Own Pace: The daily lessons are designed to guide and support you, not overwhelm you. Therefore, you can also choose to space them out as it best suits your schedule, so you don’t stress but you DO progress!

As part of the 6-week guided eCourse, you will be supported by…

  • Daily Lessons:

Lessons will be delivered daily to your e-mail inbox with a link to our password-protected Your Best Fit course website.

  • Members-Only Course Website:

Access the website and your daily dose of inspiration from your computer, iPhone, iPad, or other smart device. Log in and read OR listen to the lessons, or explore the wealth of tools and resources we have provided to help you along your journey.

  • Weekly Check-In:

Best Fit is about small steps to BIG success. Our weekly check-in happens in our Facebook group* and provides the added boost you may need to stay on track, or use them to celebrate small, or BIG, successes. You decide how you “check in.” This is all about positive support and is judgment-free, so set aside any fears or worries you may have about “checking in.” (*If you don’t want to “check-in” via Facebook, you can also check in with us by email during the 6-week course.)

  • Live Support:

Post comments to us on our Members-Only, Private Facebook group and get the support you need on a timely basis. We also share with you items of interest that we think will inform, motivate or inspire you. (Membership is optional but highly recommended.)

…AND the support continues after you have completed the 6-week course…

  • Repeat the Course: Because we e-mail you every single lesson that is on our course website, you will always be able to refer back to your e-mailed lessons whenever you want to revisit a topic or just need an added boost of motivation. You will also have access to the website for four weeks after the course ends.


  • Stay Connected: Once a member, always a member. Our Your Best Fit Facebook group is like a family and, as a member, you are part of it! Stay connected and continue to get information, support, and feedback.


  • Ongoing Weekly Check-Ins: Continue to check-in every week via our Private Facebook group. 


Course: $147

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The course is on a Monday – Sunday schedule. You will start receiving lessons the Monday following the week that you sign up. As soon as you sign up, we’ll be in your inbox with our special welcome, useful information and a special bonus to get you started!

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